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The Pccrypt Calling out those who suck!

#KeyserSucks! #SportsclipsSuck! $21.00 for a haircut is nuts. This is copied is from the cooperate site. General Services Questions How much does a Sport Clips haircut cost? Sport Clips Haircuts is a franchise system, which means stores are independently owned and operated, therefore pricing is set at the store level and can vary from location to location. Typically, a standard Varsity haircut falls within the $18-21 range. This asshole charges what he wants! Of course its $21.00 he has boob jobs to pay for! You know what the stylist who atually cut your hair get? Minimum wage. They earn enough to survive based on your tips while this asshole makes a mint! Fuck them Support you local stylist or barber. They work hard and get to keep the profits! stop making this fat bastard richer! I will use my place in the world to slam this guy every chance I get. His franchise about nothing but himself!